CafeZed was created for travelers who love slow food. For people who want to avoid fast, mass produced calorie-laden dishes. Our local experts bypass the usual tourist traps, exploring the labyrinth of small streets and out-of-the way places in major European capitals.

Their goal? To direct you to small friendly bars, cafes and food stores that put people ahead of profit. Outlets look out for well-sourced coffee, fair trade suppliers and local producers. We demand the highest standards of service, and cater especially to vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free customers. Do you have a sweet tooth: check out the bakeries and bars offering mouth-watering freshly made local delicacies.

Using your feedback, we are constantly updating our data base to meet a growing demand for eating other, eating better, surrounded by people like you who believe that good living means good food. Who remember a place they visited for where and what they ate, as well who they met and what they saw.

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