CafeZed is a fun place to build relationships with your customers and increase your online visibility. It provides you with a simple to use interface to upload and manage your business on our platform.


1. Add your business

Once we have confirmed your credentials, login to your account and add your business details. You will be quickly discovered by visitors to our site who want the bespoke products you offer.


2. Get Discovered by Visitors

Visitors surf our site to see what a city can offer. As CafeZed grows you grow with it! Our quality client-base is expanding even as you read this. They discover you, you meet them.


3. Increase your revenue

Once your business is online, you can expect increased visibility and therefore more customers. The more we build trust in CafeZed, the more customers will want to come back to you and buy your products. Increase your revenue today by putting your business up on CafeZed !


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